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Soap Shed's products are just that - beautifully simple. Items are made with just a few natural ingredients, reminding us of the past when life was simpler and felt a bit more authentic.  All items are handmade in small batches and scented with essential and 100% pure fragrance oils.     

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Coconut Lime Verbena Homemade Artisan Soap

Coconut Lime Verbena

This homemade natural soap has a fragrance blend of tropical verbena, ripened coconut, and fresh lime combined making it a soothing, beachy scent that is very popular.

Spring Sunrise

What smells better than a clean and fresh spring day mixed with a just-picked bouquet of flowers? This homemade natural soap will perk your mood every time you use it.

Spring Sunrise Homemade Artisan Soap
Rosemary Lavender Homemade Artisan Soap

Rosemary Lavendar

Are you a gardener or know one? Pumice is added to this homemade natural soap for extra scrubbing and exfoliation power. The lavender and rosemary essential oils are a perfect soothing and invigorating blend at the same time.    

Love Charm

Fragrance notes of apple, peach, and ripe grapefruit mixed with cherry blossom and hydrangea make fragrance in this homemade natural soap practically irresistible.

Love Charm Homemade Artisan Soap





What was found along the way

Certain scents have a way with evoking our emotions. They can remind of someone we love, bring us back to a certain time in our life that holds great memories, or place us on our favorite beach.

I believe this is why I've always been attracted to homemade soaps. When I travel, I find myself in small boutiques searching for handcrafted soap bars. I love taking time to breathe in all the unique scents displayed, and I end up purchasing ones that connect me to something special and unique to me personally.

Homemade natural soaps also remind me of days before my time when life seemed simpler, slower and more genuine. Like many of us, I attempt to live in the moment and appreciate the little things that makes life so beautiful. It makes me smile to think something as simple as soap can do that.

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How is soap made?

Homemade natural soap is made by mixing together different fats and oils with a base of sodium hydroxide (lye) and water. When combined, it creates a complex chemical reaction called saponification. The end result is soap! Essential or fragrance oils are added at the end for scent. 

While it's not known exactly how far back soap making goes, it is believed that it was discovered in Biblical times when the Romans would sacrifice animals on the mountainsides. Rainwater naturally combined with the animal ashes from the altar, leaching out the lye. The water would then trickle down into the river, creating bubbles. Romans noticed that there clothes were cleaner when they used this water.


Meagan Burns

I have sensitive skin and their products have never interfered with that which means that they are good for all skin types. I love how soft and refreshingly clean my skin feels after using their soap!

Simply the best soap and chapstick I have ever used! Wonderful scents, gentle on my skin, and the moisture that is left behind is awesome!!  Thank you for such natural and quality products!

Absolutely amazing! So flexible in creating custom orders and the soaps are hands down delicious smelling! The lip balm is new fave also!!

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