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Certain scents have a way with evoking our emotions. They can remind us of someone we love, bring us back to a certain time in our life that holds great memories, or place us on our favorite beach.

I believe this is why I've always been attracted to homemade soaps. When I travel, I find myself in small boutiques searching for handcrafted soap bars. I love taking time to breathe in all the unique scents displayed, and I end up purchasing ones that connect to me personally.

Homemade soaps also remind me of days before my time when life seemed simpler, slower and more genuine. Like many of us, I attempt to be still and learn to appreciate the little things that makes life so beautiful. It makes me smile to think something as simple as soap can do that.

It’s because of these reasons that I took interest in making my own homemade soap. My intention was never to just make it for myself, but for others. I love to create, and I love to inspire. I knew this would be the perfect outlet to do just that. So, I bought my first how-to book.

It would be nice if my story read that I got right to work - but it doesn’t. Life’s responsibilities, especially being a mom, had priority over what I stored in my head as a “silly-little-dream.”

As the kids grew older and seasons in my life changed, the book that sat there dusty but in plain view all those years, finally got picked up.  I read it cover to cover, bought the required ingredients and equipment, and made my first batch of soap. Unfortunately, it was a total failure. With my spirit only slightly hindered, I tried again. Better, but not great. I kept at it, bought another book, read many blogs, and tried different recipes. Once I felt certain enough that I had a good recipe and branding that represented me comfortably, I signed up for my first craft show.

Not knowing what to expect, but with a good friend by my side to help, the craft show ended up being a success. I cannot explain the beautiful gratification I had in watching customers experience their own pleasing emotions as they would pick up different soaps, smell them, smiling while expressing their “mmms” and “ooohs.” This was the connection I was looking for. I left the craft show that day feeling whole and accomplished.

So, I continue to grow Soap Shed, and as a person. It’s a slow-moving journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are days I find myself still calling it a “silly-little-dream.” I mean, really, it’s just soap. But when I do find myself thinking this, the universe always finds a way in showing up and proving otherwise - many times through other people who have always believed in me along the way.

I confidently know, as simple as soap making may seem to be, it’s who I am made to be. It’s my calling and my purpose - to create and inspire. I have great hope for Soap Shed’s future. Finding out who I am as I travel this journey has allowed me to produce products that are simple and authentic in themselves.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Peace and love, 



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